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Everyone knows Jono and Ben. Award-winning New Zealand comedy veterans, these acclaimed jokesters (and best mates) have been ‘pulling the leg’ of Kiwis for more than a decade now. Having found fame through Jono and Ben, their wildly popular self-titled TV show that combined skits, parodies and pranks, the pair now host The Hits Breakfast. Excelling as TV and radio personalities, MCs, speakers and writers, the tandem’s boyish charm has traversed every facet of Aotearoa’s entertainment industry. And while they may still be struggling to take themselves (and each other) seriously, the breadth of their engagement is no laughing matter. Jono and Ben have over 80,000 Instagram followers and counting. Delivering boisterous social commentary, hanging with the biggest names in show business (Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Will Smith, just to name a few), or gunning to pull off the ultimate prank, their feed is as hilarious as it is engaging, perfect for a variety of campaigns.




Auckland, New Zealand


Comedy, Lifestyle, Presenter, Radio Host