MCs, Speakers & Entertainers

Want to captivate a live audience? Our MC’s, speakers and entertainers know how to hold a room.

We represent some of New Zealand’s most renowned and well-recognised talent. From comedians and radio personalities to professional hosts and inspired speakers, our diverse lineup allows us to pair your event with talent that is up to the task. So whether you’re looking to influence, motivate, entertain or instruct your audience or have an event you want someone to drive, we have someone for you.


Whether it’s over your radio, at an event, in your social feed, or on your television screen, you will recognise some of New Zealand’s most prominent speakers within our ranks.

No strangers to taking up a mic on stage, our ever-growing network of masters of ceremonies, speakers and entertainers can take the lead at your next public event. From corporate functions to charity fundraisers, public expos or digital live streams, the breadth of our talent’s skillsets, personalities and backgrounds ensures we can find a perfect pairing that is on brand with your event and sure to delight your patrons.

At Johnson&Laird, we hold strong and exclusive relationships with New Zealand’s most talented, well-known and respected performers, helping us create memorable experiences for our clients with speakers no one else can get.

  • 60+ MCs, Speakers and Entertainers
  • 25+ Events per month

How We Help

We provide end-to-end support to ensure your event’s a success.

Talent Recruitment

Exclusively representing the most experienced and talented professional MCs, speakers and entertainers, we make finding that perfect person easy.

Partner Relationships

From the initial brief at the planning stage to talent recommendations and contract negotiations, we work alongside you to ensure your show runs smoothly from start to finish.

Turn Around

With a direct view of our talents’ availability and our team’s prompt response time, we can line up speakers for even the most urgent events.

Industry Knowledge

With over 30 years of collective experience, our team has worked in multiple facets of the industry and brings that knowledge and understanding to ensure your event’s a success.

Project Management

We work closely with you and our talent on all aspects of planning to make this a seamless process.

We can help you make the perfect match. Send us your brief now.

Meet Our MC’s, Speakers & Entertainers

From corporate, to comedic, to entertaining, to thought provoking, we can connect you with the right talent to bring your event to life.

About Us

Laura McGoldrick
Kita Mean
Jordan Mooney

Talented MC’s, celebrity speakers and entertainers can orchestrate a night for your audience to remember. However, a charismatic live entertainer who is equally comfortable on stage can be hard to find.

That’s why it is important to partner with an NZ talent agency that understands the space and can successfully provide you with the results you deserve.

Established in 2002, Johnson & Laird knows the influencer industry, and we have earned an outstanding reputation within it. We are specialists in top-tier talent. Backed by a professional team of talent agents, we take our connections and customers’ success seriously.

Holding exclusive relationships with over 60 talented, well-known and respected masters of ceremonies and entertainers, we are sought out for our breadth of service and wide appeal that ensures all audiences are entertained.

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