Matilda Green MC/Entertainer Profile


Accomplished Author, Public Figure & Relatable MC

Matilda’s sweet personality made her a crowd favourite when she entered The Bachelor NZ season 1 in 2015 (which she won!). Ever since, she has taken her dedicated fan base along with her on her journeys through fitness, marriage and now motherhood! Matilda is a brand ambassador, television host and published author of two books - The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living a Beautiful Life and The Feel Good Guide. She is a light of positivity constantly sharing her life hacks, health advice and beauty tips across her platforms and in her books.

Matilda and her husband Art are passionate about sharing health and wellness knowledge, and host one of the top wellness podcasts in the country ‘Well & Good’ where they interview leading experts in the wellness fields. She’s a total family girl now and loves every minute of being mum to beautiful son Milo and daughter Autumn. Her social media presence reflects her goal of encouraging all women to feel happy and confident in their own skin. Matilda’s down-to-earth personality makes her a favourite with crowds. She is personable and warm, meaning she forms a connection with audiences, always making them feel comfortable.






Auckland, New Zealand

Speaking Topics

Empowered birth, Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Motivational Speaker, Self-Esteem, Women's health


Alicia McCormack

Matilda did a fantastic job, she was really easy to work with and did an even better job at getting the crowd going especially during our live pledge where we raised over $5k in only a couple of minutes. Her humour was well received, highly recommend.

Purple Tie Charity Ball 2018