Voice Actors

Skilled and versatile voice actors who deliver pitch-perfect on-script performances for a variety of projects and brands.

Our diverse voice talent deliver engaging, on-point vocal performances for all manner of commercial and creative projects. Whether you are after character, comic voices or commercial messaging, narrator accents or voiceovers in multiple languages we are the leading agency for voice over artists in NZ.

Our versatile voice artists are engaged by numerous established brands and New Zealand’s top creative agencies rely on them to deliver key messages with precision and speed.


With Johnson & Laird, you get access to an exclusive and ever-growing talent & performer network. Whether it’s in your social media feed, on your television screens or over your radios, you will recognise some of New Zealand’s most prominent voices within our ranks.

With some of the most iconic, and recognisable voices across the country, our voice actors can tap into an audience instantly – whether that be through radio, digital and screen.

Experienced NZ voice acting talent, with professional on-point delivery, our talented team can help bring characters, productions and projects to life with the power of their voice. People can trust those who we know and love, and our pool of voice actors can help you achieve this.

  • 140+ Voice Actors
  • 30+ Million followers
  • 60+ Campaigns per month

How We Help

We provide end-to-end support to help you find the perfect voice.


With in-depth knowledge of our talent, we can help you find the perfect voice for your job. And with an in-house studio, bespoke demos & auditions are a breeze.

Project Management

Negotiations, payments, and licensing; we take care of it all to make the process easy and seamless.

Versatile Talent

Whether you are after a corporate narration, cartoon character, or multilingual brand campaign, we have the voice talent to suit. Professional & easily directed, our talent save you time in the studio.

Talent Management

We represent talent across multiple divisions,so we know their training, capabilities, schedules and limitations. It also means we can usually find the perfect voice even for a last-minute recording.

Talent Development

Our talent never settle, and neither do we. We are consistently offering opportunities to upskill through workshops, 1-on-1 training, and other resources so our talent are always match fit.

Industry Knowledge

With over 30 years’ collective experience, our team has worked in multiple facets of the industry and bring that knowledge & understanding to work with you for the best results.

We can help you make the perfect match. Send us your brief now.

Meet Our Voice Actors

From comedy and lifestyle to family and sport, we can connect you with the right talent to bring your brand to life.

About Us

Adam Gardiner
Kirsty McDowell
Cian Elyse White

Skilled voice actors can capture an audience almost instantly. Incorporating an iconic voice into your project will create a sense of knowing to your audiences in a matter of seconds. Audiences are drawn to familiarity, and we have some of the most familiar voices across the country in our books.

That’s why it is important to partner with a voice agency that fosters some of the most recognisable Kiwi voice over talent across the country.

Established in Auckland in 2002, Johnson & Laird knows the industry, and we have earned an outstanding reputation within it. We are specialists in top-tier talent. Backed by a professional team of talent agents and campaign managers, we take our connections and customers’ success seriously.

Holding exclusive relationships with over 140 talented, well-known and respected voice actors, we are sought out for our breadth of service that ensures every need is met.

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