Brand Ambassadors

Representing prominent personalities, famous faces and celebrities, we have the perfect fit for your brand.

Our experienced brand ambassadors are instantly recognisable actors, radio hosts, comedians and presenters, each bringing an established profile and loyal fan base to every ambassadorship. Diverse in background and character, our network ensures you can find alignment between your brand and ambassadors you choose to represent it.


With Johnson & Laird, you get access to an exclusive network of talent. Whether it’s in your social media feed, on your television screens or over your radios, you will recognise some of New Zealand’s most prominent personalities within our ranks.

Representing your brand with a familiar face will help to deliver impressive results. Our recognisable pool of brand ambassadors will allow you to build on your audience across a variety of platforms.

Aligning the right person with a product or service can be a hard task, but our talent agency achieves this seamlessly. Our team of ambassadors will ensure an increase in your brand awareness by creating a relationship with your audience while driving newcomers to your brand.

  • 55+ Brand ambassadors

How We Help

We provide end-to-end support to help you build a full solution that fits your brand or campaign.

Talent Matching

We’re experienced digital marketing connectors. We match the right people with the right brands to ensure audience alignment, engagement and results.


Negotiations, payments, and reporting; we take care of it all to make the process easy and seamless.

Campaign strategy

We can help you successfully integrate influencer marketing within your wider campaign strategy, ensuring a consistent and effective digital experience.

Content ideation & creation

We live and breathe content, working closely with our talent to create fresh and targeted creative concepts and executions that bring briefs to life.

Content management

We can work closely with you and your team to amplify your campaign and engage with your audience.

Multi-channel solutions

Our creators are digital natives, with key platforms covered. We can guide your digital strategy to ensure you have more audience-connecting opportunities.

We can help you make the perfect match. Send us your brief now.

Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

Whatever your product or service, we can connect you with the right talent to bring your brand to life.

About Us

Jordan Rondel
Laura Daniel
Art Green

Leading global brands are capitalising on unique individuals’ pulling power and influence to build awareness of their products and services. But to see success, brand alignment is key.

That’s why it is important to partner with a talent agency that can pair brands with ambassadors that will ensure them the best result.

Established in 2002, Johnson & Laird knows the influencer industry, and we have earned an outstanding reputation within it. We are specialists in top-tier talent. Backed by a professional team of talent agents and campaign managers, we take our connections and customers’ success seriously.

Holding exclusive relationships with over 55 talented, well-known and respected ambassadors and celebrities in NZ, we are sought out for our breadth of service and reach that ensures every need is met.

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