Representing NZ’s Finest Talent

New Zealand’s top talent agency, representing the finest performers and creators for 20 years. Our professional team are passionate, responsive, knowledgeable and ready to help you find the perfect talent to fit your project. We take success seriously. And we’re here to help you get results.

We know the entertainment business, and we have an outstanding reputation within it. Talent on our books are skilled, in-demand performers and creators who benefit from our strong connections with some of the world’s top talent and management agencies in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Australia along with a wide range of corporate and media contacts and our extensive experience in management, sponsorship, PR, publicity, sales, networking, entertainment law.

J&L founder and manager Imogen Johnson has nearly 30 years of professional experience in public relations, sales and artist talent management. After four years as account director for a blue chip London company, she returned to New Zealand and became a senior actor and voice talent agent in Auckland. She set up Johnson & Laird in 2002. Imogen has a Masters Degree in English and Art History.

Imogen is now backed by a team of 14 specialist talent agents and support managers, ensuring our team is big enough to devote time and energy to you and always make you a priority.

We have two divisions—


Our Performers are experienced, highly skilled Acting, Voice, Presenters, MC, Speakers & Entertainment professionals who have honed their craft to enthral and engage audiences.




We connect brands and creative endeavours with talented Creators who can bring great stories to life and who hold the pulling power to engage with their vast and varied audiences.