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Esteemed shark scientist, marine advocate and skilled creator, Dr Riley Elliott’s mission in life is to bring the wonders of the underwater world to the surface, shifting perceptions in the process. As seen on the BBC, National Geo and Discovery Channel’s iconic Shark Week, the Shark Man author is one of New Zealand’s premier science ambassadors. Fusing his flair for media production with his PhD in Marine Biology, Elliott’s work reflects his commitment to the exploration, understanding and conservation of our natural (underwater) world. And so do his socials: plunging into the world of the marine scientist, Elliott’s feed is a truly organic mash-up of marine life stills, high-end collabs, action-packed videos and unique insights. A rare combo of highly specified meets broad appeal, the importance of Riley Elliott’s mission and message increases by the day.






Auckland, New Zealand


Animal Lovers, Eco Warrior, Fitness