Riley Elliott


Shark Expert, Marine Biologist, Speaker


Auckland, New Zealand


After Dinner Speaker, Debator, Keynote Speaker, Speech Writer


Advertising, Broadcasting, Conservation / Environment, Current Affairs, Film & Television, Food & Wine, Health & Lifestyle, Interviews, Sport, Travel, Writing

Testimonials (5)

SEA SHEPHERD AUSTRALIA - KEYNOTE SPEAKER - As managing director of Sea Shepard Australia I have seen battles before, from high seas to parliamentary offices but never have I seen an approach quite like Riley’s – one that has been globally successful at educating, inspiring and ultimately protecting not only our oceans, but also the air we literally breathe.

Riley is an inspiring speaker, a storyteller that talks with first hand experiences to captivate every audience. He tells the story of our sharks, but not just about them. He speaks of them as examples of how life lessons have been implemented, how passion has been followed and how success has resulted from such a pure and unfortunately uncommon approach. Riley is more than a speaker for sharks, he is a voice for our children not even born yet, ones that need healthy oceans, and healthy oceans, need sharks. - Jeff Hansen, Managing Director Sea Shepherd Australia