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Cam Mansel, a content creator known for his innovative ideas and flowing locks, possesses a friendly aura that contributes to positive & memorable interactions in any venture he undertakes. You may recognize him from his 7-year stint as the radio host for ZM’s Late Show, which in early 2024 came to an end to pressure a new adventure. With a lively social media presence, you can see his passions for fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. Beyond his professional endeavors, Cam has a large interest in technology, continuously staying up to date with the latest gadgets. His leisure pursuits include all things music, engaging in physical activities like running and gym workouts, and hitting the slopes for skiing—a passion he's nurtured since childhood. With an ever-growing collection of sunglasses and aspirations to venture into eyewear design, Cam's diverse interests position him as a suitable candidate for various social campaigns.






Auckland, New Zealand


Animal Lovers, Fashion, Fitness, Foodies, Lifestyle, Sports , Travel