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Cam is an energetic content creator with flowing ideas and creative flair. His passions lie in fashion, food, travel and lifestyle. Cam is a home owner, loves technology and is always trying to keep up with the latest gadgets and gizmos. When he isn't keeping up with tech trends you'll find cam at concerts, listening to music out running or even at the gym. Cam also loves animals while he doesn't currently have a pet of his own he hopes to be the father of a pet baby at some point and often takes his friends dogs for walks. Cam also loves a day on the slopes. He has been skiing since he was 12 and at school (many moons ago) was in his school ski race team. His flair for fashion has seen him accumulate an ever growing collection of sunglasses. Eyewear has become a guilty pleasure and one day he would even like to start his own line of eyewear.






Auckland, New Zealand


Animal Lovers, Fashion, Fitness, Foodies, Lifestyle, Sports , Travel