Cam Mansel MC/Entertainer Profile


Radio Host, MC, Speaker

Cam is an energetic bubbly host who thrives on getting a crowd pumped, whether it's a concert, dance competition or hosting a listening event Cam has the ability to talk to a vast audience in any situation. While most people dreaded writing and reading a speech in school it was always something Cam looked forward to, it is no surprise he found his way into the radio industry and has been working in radio for the past 11 years. Cam is known for his high energy personality but equally loves a deep and meaningful. Cam believes life is all about sharing experiences and that to be great communicator you also have to be a great listener. Knowledge is power and to be able to share your knowledge and empower someone else to follow their dream is something that Cam is extremely passionate about.






Auckland, New Zealand


Entertainer, Interviewer, MC, Speaker


Fashion, Movies, Music, Pop Culture, Skiing , Technology

Event Highlights

2023Showquest - MC
2022Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch - MC
2022Spark Fan Meet and Greet Fletcher - MC