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TV & Radio Host, Entertainer

He made his name through his own public shame, but these days the joke’s on anyone but Jono Pryor. The multi-award-winning radio host and TV presenter became a household name as the young and eager-to-please intern who suffered numerous embarrassing public stunts for radio station The Rock. A decade on, he’s co-host of The Rock’s six-time award-winning show Drive, has had his own TV show 'The Jono Project" and has now joined forces with fellow presenter Ben Boyce for 'Jono and Ben @ 10'. Engaging, down-to-earth and game for anything, Jono’s chilled-out but professional style makes him a sought after MC and live presenter. When he’s not mowing his lawn or reorganising his extensive music collection, Jono likes to take the family for a spin in his lovingly restored 1970s Kingswood Holden.




Auckland, New Zealand

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Improvisor, Live Performance Host, MC / Stage compere, Panellist, Radio Host


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