Anika Moa Presenter Profile


Iconic Empowering Entertainer

Singer-songwriter Anika Moa is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated music artists. She has released six studio albums, been nominated for numerous awards, and won four NZ Music Awards - including Best Female Vocalist. As well as her pop albums, Anika has also had three wildly successful children’s albums titled Song’s For Bubba’s, inspired by all the wonderful tamariki in her life. However, Anika is not just a singer, she’s also become a hit TV and radio presenter! She has had two hit talk shows, All Talk with Anika Moa, and Anika Moa Unleashed on TVNZ. Despite being known for her bubbly and comedic personality, Anika is also a staunch supporter of and advocate for equality, diversity and standing up for what you believe. Anika is an all-round entertainer, and has captured the hearts of the public with her amazing music and awesome personality. She is fast-becoming a living-legend in NZ!

Anika Moa currently co-hosts The Drive Show (with Stacey Morrision and Mike Puru), and can be seen on Anika Live on TVNZ On Demand.




European, Māori


Auckland, New Zealand


Friends & Family, Reading, Running, Singing, Touring