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Meet Francis and Kaiora Tipene from The Casketeers – passionate funeral directors and beloved Netflix stars. Francis (Te Rarawa) discovered his calling more than 13 years ago, with his first job at a funeral home in Auckland. Since then, his passion for the job blossomed into a fully fledged

vocation, with he and his wife now running their very own funeral directing business – Tipene Funerals. Renowned for his guitar-playing ability and beautiful singing voice, Francis leads every funeral with passion, dignity and precision. Kaiora (Te Rarawa, Ngāi Takoto) met Francis at Te Wananga o te Takiura (Māori training college), and now her role as Company Director is integral to the successful running of Tipene Funerals. Their aroha for their jobs along with their success led to the hugely popular Casketeers series as well as the release of their number one best-selling book Life as a Casketeer: What the Business of Death Can Teach the Living. Following on from their bestseller, Life as a Casketeer, Francis and Kaiora Tipene share how they bring the traditional values of tikanga Māori into day-to-day living. Through their social media, Kaiora and Francis share their remarkable experiences and knowledge of a part of life that touches everyone eventually.




Te Rarawa, Ngāi Takoto


Auckland , New Zealand


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2022Eat, Talk, Connect, ILT - Speakers
2021Te Putahitanga Whanau Ora Symposium 2021, Te Runanga o Otakou - MC


Eat, Talk, Connect

Francis and Kaiora are just amazing, and were perfect for our annual event designed to treat attendees to a fun afternoon featuring entertaining speakers. They are so caring, and down to earth. The aroha you see on TV which they give to grieving families is genuine and they made everyone who attended our event feel special.

They were so gracious and patient with everyone who wanted to get selfies and talk to them. In all the years I’ve been doing these events, I’ve never had guest speakers who have been so open to spending one-on-one time with the audience, all the while with huge smiles on their faces that never faded!

Audience feedback was extremely positive – The Casketeers hit all the right notes, at a time when everyone could do with a bit of a pick-me-up! Ticket sales were strong, and sold out, with 350 people on the day.

Nikki Buckley | Organiser

ETC – Eat, Talk Connect