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MC, Satirist, Speaker, Writer, TV Personality

Te Radar is one of the most recognised entertainers and personalities in New Zealand. Whether as a stand up comedian, documentary maker or the fusion of both in his keynote speeches, he is as gregarious as he is accomplished. Having won just about every New Zealand comedy award from the Fred Award to the Billy T Award for excellence in comedy, he also has a myriad of accolades in documentary making from the Qantas Awards in Film and Television to the NZ Television Awards. In 2018 he received an honorary Master of Arts degree from Wintec for his contribution to Media and Entertainment. Witty, engaging and well-informed, Te Radar is a sought-after keynote speaker, with an ability to knowledgeably host diverse events across the Agricultural, Engineering, Science, Media, Arts, Medical, Environmental and Academic sectors.


Te Radar wanted to be a war correspondent when he was a kid. He wanted to tell historical stories he didn’t see being portrayed. Naturally, he went to drama school, coming out full force in the comedy scene before diving into documentary making. In the course of his career Te Radar has dived with sharks, narrowly avoided a rabbit while racing a Formula 3 car at 200kph, plunged into the frozen Ross sea in only a skimpy pair of togs and interviewed Yassar Arafat under the watchful eye of gun-toting Palestinian soldiers.

Te Radar does not profess to be someone on the hero’s journey. He enjoys life, has the ability to say yes to anything and wants to share it all with people. He is a story teller and his goal is to make all his work thought provoking, entertaining and joyous.


Taking years of comedy and improv experience and bringing that together with his love for documentary making, Te Radar brings a sense of joy to his keynotes with a delicate dance between irreverence and creating a safe and comfortable space. His testimonials often mention his flexibility, authenticity, and compassion for the audience.

When making documentaries Te Radar is meeting fascinating people doing incredible things and empowering them to feel comfortable to talk by quickly creating a rapport. This transforms his keynote speaking with a personal touch. He is often on the ground with his audience, sitting and chatting with them. He then has the ability to incorporate these conversations and ideas into his presentation bespoke to the organisation. His unique keynotes assert a high probability that what he pulls out of their context will be relevant yet unexpected.

Te Radar emphasises that human stories are universal; we are a species that relate to each other. Using stories he loves, he shares a broader message about life, while being funny, entertaining, and serious when needed, following through on the emotional connection within these stories and leaving his audience heard, uplifted, and entertained.






Auckland, New Zealand


After Dinner Speaker, Comedy Host, Compere/MC, Debator, Judge, Keynote Speaker, Live Performance Host, Mimic & Impersonator, Panellist, Speech Writer


Adventure, Advertising, Author, Broadcasting, Conservation / Environment, Current Affairs, Fashion, Film & Television, Food & Wine, Gardening, History, Intrepid Travel, Literature / Books, Music, Politics & Advocacy, Quiz Shows, Race Relations, Satire, Stand up comedy, Theatre, Travel

Speaking Topics

additionally has the ability to cater to clients theme/ topic for the event, agribusiness, Business, Motivational Speaker, New Zealand history, “I am New Zealand’s worst television gardener”: how failure equals success, “Potato salad, road rage, and night work”: the less publicised aspects of climate change

Event Highlights

2023Ballance Ex Dinner Series 2023, Ballance Agri-Nutrients - MC
2023Beef + Lamb Genetics - TAMBO - Speaker
2023Beef + Lamb Mid Northern North Island Farmer Council AGM, Beef + Lamb NZ - Speaker

Testimonials (4)

Anna Thompson | Event Manager

I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience working with Te Radar as our MC! Te Radar's unparalleled talent and charismatic presence truly made our event an unforgettable one.

Right from the outset, it was evident that Te Radar had dedicated significant time and effort to understand the essence of our event. His thorough preparation allowed them to seamlessly weave together the different elements of the program, creating a coherent and engaging narrative that resonated with our audience.

Te Radar's stage presence was nothing short of captivating. His infectious energy, combined with a remarkable ability to connect with people, instantly drew the audience in. It was evident that they had not only rehearsed the runsheet but had also meticulously thought through the flow of the event, ensuring that transitions were smooth and interactions were seamless.

What truly impressed us was Te Radar's quick thinking and adaptability. In the face of unexpected moments, he displayed an uncanny ability to improvise on the spot, turning potential challenges into memorable highlights of the event. His spontaneous humor and on-the-fly commentary showcased his wit and genuine engagement with the audience.

Throughout the event, Te Radar's commitment to aligning their hosting with our event's theme was remarkable. His insightful incorporation of key messages and talking points demonstrated his dedication to going above and beyond the role of an MC. It was evident that he genuinely cared about the success of our event and worked tirelessly to ensure that their hosting played a pivotal role in achieving that success.

Working with Te Radar not only made our event a resounding success but also left us with wonderful memories of the entire process.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Te Radar to anyone seeking an MC who brings not only their talent but also their unwavering dedication to the table. His exceptional blend of preparation, performance, and personal touch sets them apart in the world of event hosting. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to work with Te Radar again in the future.

Motive Gala Night 2023

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