Sam Low MC/Entertainer Profile


Gourmet Goodies, Cyber Sensation: Food Artisan & Digital Delight

Introducing Sam Low, a versatile MC and culinary expert making waves in the industry. With achievements such as being an award-winning barista, latte art champion, and the 2022 MasterChef NZ winner, Sam has proven his skills in diverse arenas. In addition to his culinary accomplishments, Sam has ventured into writing as the cookbook director and author of "Modern Chinese." He has also expanded his reach into podcasting as the co-host of "Ate Ate Ate." With a focus on authenticity and a dedication to his Chinese and queer identity, Sam brings a unique perspective to his work as an MC and culinary artist. Whether on stage or in the kitchen, Sam's professionalism and versatility make him a standout presence in both fields.




Auckland, New Zealand

Event Highlights

2023Food Show Auckland, XPO Exhibitions Ltd - Speaker/Demonstrator
2023Food Show Wellington, XPO Exhibitions Ltd - Speaker/Demonstrator
2022Foodshow Christchurch, XPO Exhibitions - Demonstrator