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Introducing Sam Low, a versatile culinary professional whose accomplishments span various aspects of the food industry. With titles including award-winning barista, latte art champion, 2022 MasterChef NZ winner, cookbook director, and author of "Modern Chinese," Sam's expertise is diverse and extensive. Sam's rise to prominence began in 2020 during a stint in hotel quarantine, where he gained attention for transforming mundane cardboard meals into gourmet dishes, attracting interest even from former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Since then, he has continued to showcase his culinary skills, often infusing his Chinese and queer identity into his creations, aiming to reflect his personal truth. In addition to his culinary achievements, Sam has ventured into podcasting as the co-host of "Ate Ate Ate," adding another dimension to his career. Known for bringing warmth and positivity to his endeavors, Sam approaches each project with a commitment to authenticity and excellence.




Auckland, New Zealand


Foodies, LGBTQ+, Lifestyle