Jordan Rondel MC/Entertainer Profile


Turning Dough into Dollars: Baking Extraordinaire, Entrepreneur & Marketing Visionary

In 2010 Jordan Rondel turned her passion into a career and became what her beloved fans know her to be; The Caker. Now with a prolific bakery, five published recipe books and line of luxury cake kits, she is continuing to amplify her brand by executing collaborations in the worlds of fashion and beauty, hosting baking masterclasses big and small, private and public, frequently guest starring on podcasts, talking at events such as Create & Cultivate, Follow Your Arrow, and The Food Show, and has become a TV personality known most recently for being a judge on The Great Kiwi Bake Off.


Jordan grew up spending her holidays in France with her dessert loving grandparents, which is where she picked up a love for putting delicious ingredients together and transforming them into a miraculous whole. In the final year of her marketing degree she founded The Caker, which quickly became Auckland's go-to business for the homemade style cakes that everyone was craving. Jordan became the sought after baker for fashion events, art gallery openings, and high end parties - she was making cakes cool again. Now Jordan is expanding internationally, living in Los Angeles, diversifying and growing her brand.


At the age of 21, Jordan Rondel built a cake empire. Written about by the likes of Forbes, Rolling Stone and Bon Appetit to name a few, she is the embodiment of turning individuality and passion into a brand. Jordan lights up the room with her in-depth knowledge about baking, entrepreneurship and brand building and her sense of style and individuality really set her apart. Jordan is a dynamic and inspiring personality.






Los Angeles, United States of America

Speaking Topics

Business, Innovation, Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Motivational Speakers