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From Gags to Grins: Comedy Connoisseur & Master of the Moment

Dai Henwood is one of New Zealand’s most beloved comedians. His stand up comedy resulted in international touring, sell out seasons at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival and being invited to perform at renowned events such as Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Among many, he has won The Billy T Award, The Fred Award (twice), the NZCG Best Male Comedian and the Rielly Comedy Award.

A music fanatic, Dai spent 10 years on radio before beginning his TV career, where he started out on C4 cult favourites Insert Video Here and Roll the Dai. Since then, Dai has hosted a number of popular shows such as Family Feud, Dancing with the Stars and Lego Masters. He is also known as a staple favourite on 7 Days. Dai is constantly rallying the New Zealand nation with support and joy, most notably appreciated during the COVID-19 Lockdown when he launched the comedy show Dai’s House party, aiming to help the public keep amused and bring laughter into their homes. He also supports and has affiliations with Starship Children’s Hospital and Hello Sunday Morning.


With 25 years in the comedy industry and 3 years living with stage 4 cancer Dai Henwood has gone to hell and back. Hell turned out to be a good teacher. Along with the highs of his careers came some spectacular lows, a re-invention of himself and the creation of a work ethic that has lead him to be one of New Zealand’s most loved entertainers.

Dai moved from finding happiness in a bottle of beer, to being sober after spending time at a Japanese temple where he was reinvigorated to create a meaningful life in the present moment. Along came 2020. A lockdown and a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Six major surgeries, 14 rounds of chemotherapy and heaps of radiation hasn’t knocked back his will to succeed and live a happy life, it only made it stronger.

We all struggle with setbacks and those set backs can get in the way of being a good partner and parent as well as holding you back from success in the workplace. Dai is deeply invested in sharing his resilient joy and passing that forward.


Being in a room with Dai you will laugh, think dynamically, and walk away with tools that can make you a stronger human in both your personal and professional life.

Dai’s extensive career, personal experience, and natural ability to connect with people have meant that he is a seasoned pro when it comes to a diverse range of events. He can handle a crowd with ease, always ensuring the audience is entertained and engaged.






Auckland, New Zealand


Comedy Host, Host, MC, Speech Writer, Television Presenter


Avid Warriors supporter, Quiz Shows, Stand up comedy, Tea Enthusiast

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Motivational Speakers


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Event Highlights

2024Great New Zealand Muster, Waitomo Council - Duo MC
2023NZ Bakels Pie Awards, Creative Refinery - MC
2022Audi Excellence Awards 2022 - MC


Neil Rusden | Creative Refinery

Dai was amazing as always, it was our 4th timing using him, he walked on stage and the energy was contagious! He was funny, friendly and guided the audience through the night perfectly. The client was thrilled and reckons it was the best awards night so far (and there have been 25 awards so that's saying something!)

NZ Bakels Pie Awards 2023

Creative Refinery