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Actor, comedian and radio host Eli Matthewson can talk the talk and walk the walk. A leading voice in the modern Kiwi comedy scene, Eli is a two time Billy T Awards nominee, double winner of Auckland Fringe’s Best Comedy Award, a nominee for NZ’s top comedy honour The Fred Award, a writer for Funny Girls, Jono and Ben, and has appeared on other faves like Short Poppies, 7 Days and AotearoHA: Rising Stars. Phew! Known for his bold punchlines and light-hearted approach to otherwise contentious topics, it’s not just Eli’s material but Eli himself that is appealing. Eli, who is queer, harks to his own life story and captivates audiences: his feed features a blend of silly selfies, backstage bits and upcoming projects. His content, much like his comedy, sees him use his trademark, energetic wit to blend humour and pathos, making astute (and hilarious) observations about life as a gay millennial man in New Zealand.






Auckland, New Zealand