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Hailing from the New Zealand town of Palmerston North where she is still based, Shannon Harris, aka shaaanxo, started out playing around with make-up techniques and tutorials on video as a way to explore her passion for make-up. While initially it was simply a hobby and a way to make new friends, Shannon was inspired to establish a YouTube channel of her own because at the time, she couldn’t find any New Zealand or Australian vloggers to learn from. Since launching shaaanxo in 2009 while she was still in high school, Shannon has gone on to become one of the most influential beauty vloggers in the world and the owner of a hugely successful international business enterprise, xoBeauty. A little-known secret to her millions of followers, the name ‘shaaanxo’ was simply a username Shannon used on social media when she was younger. At first, it was 'shanxo' short for ‘Shannon, kiss, hug’. But when she made her first YouTube account in order to watch her favourite YouTubers from the US, she discovered that handle was taken. She confesses to thinking that 'shaanxo' “looked weird” and decided that three 'A's looked better – and thus the juggernaut that is shaaanxo was born. For a number of years, Shannon has retained the #1 Most Subscribed Beauty & Lifestyle YouTube Channel in New Zealand, with her videos attracting millions of views every month. She has developed her brand across multiple platforms, with three YouTube videos a week as well as multiple posts and updates across a variety of social platforms - Shannon is a content machine that never stops! She is always taking in consideration for her audience and engaging with her community as much as she can. In 2017 Shannon was named the #5 Top Beauty Influencer in the world by Forbes, and was the only Australasian creator on the list.


Palmerston North, New Zealand


Animal Lovers, Beauty, Fashion, Health & Fitness