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Enchanting Voice of Radio & Community Champion

Treasured Kiwi television host and sports commentator Toni Street is one of New Zealand TV’s most familiar faces. Best known for co-hosting on current affairs programme Seven Sharp, Street’s prolific career has seen her traverse the industry with flair. She’s presented on local morning shows, reported local and international sport for One News, been named Television Personality of the Year at 2017’s NZ TV Awards and, most recently a best-selling author! It’s fair to say she’s a devoted and appreciated personality. Currently a valued host on the Coast Breakfast show, Toni also engages with listeners on a more personal level with her new lifestyle and wellness podcast We Need To Talk. Showing a down-to-earth confidence and precision whether she’s live to air, mastering interviews, commentating or just chatting on a podcast, Toni Street’s warm tone and expert perspective can add credibility, flair and poise to any production.




New Zealander


Auckland, New Zealand

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