Steph Monks Presenter Profile


All-around Entertainer & Broadcasting’s Sweetheart

Steph Monks is a pop culture expert, an internationally acclaimed radio and TV presenter… and a self-proclaimed chit-chatter. One of the hosts on The Edge Afternoon show, Steph has interviewed some of the biggest names in showbiz, gotten the inside scoop and made us laugh, without ever compromising her unique down-to-earth approach. And she continues to build her listening base! Having had a taste of Steph and her sense of humour on public radio, listeners jumped at the opportunity to hear even more unbridled takes in tell-all podcasts Steph and Clint and The Edge’s Talking Out The Trash. Trash or not, Steph talks and the people listen: it’s no wonder she was named winner of Best Music Host at the NZ Radio Awards for 2022.




Auckland , New Zealand