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MC/ Host/ Television Presenter

Sonia Gray has graced New Zealand television screens as the Lotto presenter for 15 years, as well as featuring shows such as Wheel of Fortune and Flipside. Prior to this, Sonia worked as a model for many years, both locally and internationally. She’s also featured as an actor in hit shows including Shortland Street and Xena: Warrior Princess. A dedicated advocate for mental health awareness, Sonia has been an ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation for over a decade now. In 2008, she was a part of the team who produced the original version of The Lowdown website - an online space for teens suffering from mild to moderate depression. Sonia is the real deal - experienced, warm and socially aware.

This summer you can catch Sonia on Spark Sports, commentating this summer’s cricket season - the dream job for this major Blackcaps fan!




African, European


Auckland , New Zealand

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