Liv McKenzie Presenter Profile


Quick on the uptake and genuinely hilarious, comedian and TV personality Liv McKenzie has gone from “one to watch” to the one we’re all watching, and the show’s only just begun. Thriving both on-stage and on-screen, spirited performer McKenzie won Best Newcomer at 2019’s NZ International Comedy Festival and kept her promise, and some— she’s nominated for the 2024 Billy T Award! Captivating audiences and critics alike with a breakthrough performance at NZ’s International Comedy Festival in 2021, Liv has stayed hot on the pulse of the live comedy scene while also becoming a familiar (and favoured) face on Kiwi television. Seeing multiple appearances on shows like TVNZ’s Have You Been Paying Attention, Laughs Unleashed and TV3’s 7 Days under her belt. A charming, dynamic and engaging presence, Liv’s known for her whimsical tangents, witty ad-libs and accidental over-shares. Her most recent venture? Host and creator of TVNZ+’s new girls-bathroom-gossip-inspired chat show, Cubicle Confessions. We can’t wait to hear what Liv McKenzie (over) shares next.






Auckland, New Zealand