Lance Savali Presenter Profile


Wellington-born dancer Lance Savali has made waves across the international hip-hop industry. As a teenager, Lance joined the world-renowned NZ Royal Family dance crew, trained under the watchful eye of Parris Goebel. Lance’s incredible talents have now seen him perform with some of the world’s biggest names. He has danced with his childhood inspiration Chris Brown, embarked on a world tour with Rihanna, hit the Superbowl stage with Jennifer Lopez and performed side-by-side with Beyonce at her critically acclaimed Coachella show! Lance has made his mark on the world of dance, but he never forgets to represent his Samoan-Kiwi roots with pride. Outside of dancing, Lance is massively into DJing and fashion, owning his own streetwear brand Mosaqiue and his most recent television appearances were RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, Celebrity Treasure Island and as a Judge on Dancing with the Stars.

A natural creative, Lance is a promising young presenter with a lot to offer. His confidence is unmatched, and with such an extensive background in entertainment he is able to adapt quickly, always managing to engage an audience with his original flair.




European, Samoan


Auckland , New Zealand