Jordan Vandermade Presenter Profile


Versatile TV Icon & MC

TV personality, broadcaster and emcee Jordan Vandermade is a longtime crowd favourite. And after nearly 20 years on the frontline of the industry his career is as accomplished as it is versatile! Rising to fame as the beloved co-host of popular and iconic millennium kids TV show Studio 2, Jordan secured a spot on New Zealand screens and maintained it, diversifying his skills and becoming a proud dad along the way. Currently the face of the Live Lotto draws and a valued member of Sky Sports’ rugby coverage team (where he harks to his sporting experience as a medaled decathlete) Jordan’s scope is wide, yet highly detail-oriented. Equally charismatic on-screen as in-person, he's a dynamic communicator with a presence that resonates. Whether interviewing Serena Williams, commentating sports/talent shows, presenting documentary series’, auctioneering for UP Real Estate or emceeing events for a rowdy audience…. Jordan approaches it all with that same calm, Kiwi confidence. An industry pro with credibility and heart, Jordan can elevate any production. Plain and simple.






Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāi Te Rangi


Hamilton , New Zealand


Extreme sports , Fitness & Wellbeing, Golf, Sport, TV/Media