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Pathway Pioneer, Storyteller & Cultural Guide

Francis Tipene is an earnest and dedicated personality who is building an impressive reputation in two otherwise unrelated industries: reality TV… and funeral directing. That’s right, Francis Tipene (Te Rarawa, Ngai Tākoto) runs Tipene Funerals with his beloved wife Kaiora — a vocation so intriguing (and educational) it has its own docu-series: The Casketeers, on TVNZ 1, Netflix and SBS. The show sees the couple integrate Māoritanga to guide family and viewers through processes often shrouded. With a speciality so sensitive and detail-oriented, when it comes to presenting it’s really no surprise that Francis is a relaxed and confident communicator, who provides a sense of comfort through his natural leadership and authority.




Te Rarawa


Auckland , New Zealand

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