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Championing Truth, Amplifying Voices: Award-Winning Journalism & Bold Advocacy

Award winning journalist Tim Wilson started out in print, having written for the likes of The New York Times, The Guardian and Women’s Day. He was TVNZ’s first US Correspondent, reporting on events such as the GFC, the Obama election and Hurricane Katrina. During this time, Tim also worked as a celebrity correspondent for RTL, Europe’s biggest broadcasting network and appeared on the IFC Media Project, with a US audience of 40 million. Back home he also worked as a reporter for Seven Sharp and as a host for Newstalk ZB. From interviewing Donald Trump to Lady Gaga, Tim Wilson has 30 years of top tier experience in the media. In addition to all this, Tim is a published author on an international scale of novels and poetry. His novel Their Faces Were Shining was a finalist in the New Zealand Post Book Awards and long-listed for a Booker Prize! Currently, Tim is the executive director of the Maxim Institute, a research and public policy think tank based in Auckland. He is married to Rachel and they have four sons: Roman, Felix, Wilfred, and Otto.


When Tim was 35 he sold everything he had and went to New York to pursue international journalism. When he became successful, spiritually he felt hollow and empty. That’s how he ended up at a vigil mass at St Cecilia’s church in Spanish Harlem. This turned his life around. He always thought he was self made. But he realised that he wasn’t; we are loved into being by those around us. Now, Tim works for the Maxim Institute, where he wanted to do something slower, deeper and more meaningful. 30 years in media means he was part of the problem. He thought he should help with some of those problems. Tim works to make this country a more just, compassionate, free and hopeful place. He helps leaders make wise decisions and leads good research on important topics like education and artificial intelligence. His job is to overthink it so others don’t have too.


Tim’s incredible experiences and versatility means that he is a seasoned delight in his keynote speaking. He has never met anyone he couldn’t talk to. He speaks to a wide range of topics including but not limited to public policy, ideas, political commentary, the changing face of our country, unlocking democracy in NZ, parenting, writing, publishing a novel, poetry, journalism and religion. He also delivers an inspiring talk on the importance of failure. Tim emphasises that ideas have consequences. What it is we think about and how we think about it affects who we are. It is important to think and engage with ideas and Tim is happy to lay it all out for his audiences.




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Family Life, Literature, Love, Politics & Advocacy, Public Policy, The Importance of Failure, The USA

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2023Kings College Year 13 Graduation Dinner, Kings College - MC
2021King's Oak's Day, Kings Collage - MC

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William Zhu | Stakeholder Advisor

Tim Wilson is an absolute delight to work with. His professionalism, style, and adaptability has had a significant impact on our audiences. Tim is brilliant at what he does and we look forward to working with him again in the near future.

King’s College

King’s Oaks Fellowship Dinner