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In a shift from professional rugby player to mental health advocate, Tai Tupou turned tragedy to triumph: adapting to unforeseen changes while remaining goal-oriented, optimistic and vulnerable. When he severely injured his ankle in his chase to become a NZ Warrior, Tai’s mental health took a serious blow. His dream of representing Auckland in the NRL shattered, Tai endured an intense depression (and survived) gaining a firsthand experience of the importance in removing mental health stigma in Aotearoa— especially for young men and those within the sporting industry. Now ten years (and three kids) since the injury, Tai continues to discuss and shed light on the journey toward mental wellness and make moves within the communities he cares about. Proudly a lead ambassador for I Am Hope, Tai Tupou is as engaging and compelling a speaker in person as he is on the Hope Podcast. A true community man with presence and soul, Tai Tupoe is the one.






Hamilton , New Zealand

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Empowerment, Mental Health, Motivation, Toxic behaviour in the workplace, Workplace culture