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Global DEIB Pioneer & Catalyst for Change

A highly sought-after keynote speaker, panellist and thought leader, Mary Haddock-Staniland has garnered an impressive reputation for advocating for a more equitable world. She is a Global Diversity & Inclusion Executive and Keynote Speaker. Mary also happens to be trans, which has seen her develop a significant profile and become a powerful voice, lending insights and commentary about the importance of activism and awareness.


Growing up Mary learnt to work harder than others in order to assert her right to be here. As a young Trans woman, she was starting life’s race at the back of the pack. Her work for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is centrally rooted in her identity and she is determined to change the race altogether. She advocates for difference to be acknowledged and embraced. If this is accepted, then perhaps life can no longer be a race, but a win for all.

Mary is passionate, commercially astute and experienced in identifying and delivering effective HR, People Experience & DEIB initiatives that match business objectives. She is an innovative visionary, and a highly collaborative leader who has the experience and skills to develop and execute strategic plans and implement highly targeted programming. Mary also holds a range of advisory and governance roles, and in 2017 was appointed an ambassador for charitable trust, Lifeline New Zealand.


Mary’s work underpins the importance of diversity in the corporate world. An intuitive and flexible speaker, Mary has the gift of being able to match any energy, and engage with any audience. Lauded for her humour, creativity and compassion as often as her corporate prowess, Mary is known (and loved) for her on-the-nose social commentary, and the voice and insights she lends to the queer community. A uniquely compelling all-rounder, Mary can innovate and elevate any event, inviting true engagement and leaving lasting impressions. You’ll be moved, touched and inspired by hearing Mary’s story.






Auckland , New Zealand


Global Diversity & Inclusion Executive, Keynote Speaker, MC, Panellist


Fashion, Health & Wellbeing, My cats, Travel, Whanau

Speaking Topics

Business, How to navigate the art of inclusion in the board room, Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Motivational Speakers, My personal journey in life, The importance of bringing DEIB to life in organisations

Event Highlights

2024International Women's Day 'The Link', Payments NZ - Speaker
2023ACC Suffragette Day, ACC - Speaker
2023Auckland One Rail Leadership ‘Forum for Success’, Auckland One Rail - Speaker

Testimonials (4)

Angela Gill | Payment NZ Ltd

Mary delivered a captivating and empowering speech. She had a genuine passion for her subject matter and her authenticity resonated with everyone in the audience. She shared her own experiences and vulnerabilities with grace and courage, inspiring us all to embrace our own authenticity and harness it as a source of strength. Mary’s ability to infuse her message with humour was fabulous. She effortlessly weaved in anecdotes and witty remarks, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout her presentation making it relatable and memorable for everyone in the room.

The Link Event 2024

Payments NZ