Mary Haddock-Staniland MC/Entertainer Profile


Global DEIB Executive & Speaker

Mary Haddock-Staniland is about sparking positive change, in the corporate world as a highly regarded thought leader and in social spheres as a committed advocate.

Picture the Venn diagram of warmth, enthusiasm and effectiveness, Mary’s right there in the middle. She has a track record of driving key operational policy and achieving tangible outcomes that benefit people first, and their workplaces second. Make no mistake, the two are linked - with one, comes the other.

Mary is a Global Diversity & Inclusion Executive, an accomplished and highly sought-after keynote speaker, panelist and thought leader. She also holds a range of advisory and governance roles, and in 2017 was appointed an ambassador for charitable trust, Lifeline New Zealand.

Mary has been called a force to be reckoned with, her tenacity and work ethic balanced and enhanced by creativity and empathy.






Auckland , New Zealand


Global Diversity & Inclusion Executive, Keynote Speaker, MC, Panellist


Fashion, Health & Wellbeing, My cats, Travel, Whanau

Speaking Topics

My personal journey in life, The importance of bringing DEIB to life in organisations, How to navigate the art of inclusion in the board room

Event Highlights

2022Beauty Expo, London – Panelist
2022Beauty Expo, Sydney - Panelist
2022Kapiti Chamber of Commerce - Speaker