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Harnessing Innovation for a Greener Future: Tech Trailblazer, Environmental Visionary & Savior

At 19 years old Logan sold his first invention for 1.2 million dollars. Now at 28 years old he has created and established six inventions, sold three companies to international corporations, and currently owns and operates four multimillion-dollar tech companies. One of which, Halo Agtech, is building the world’s first generators to destroy the two worst greenhouse gasses in the world, Methane and Nitrous oxide. Logan predicts that in five years Halo Agtech will be halving the countries emissions. The young Doctor earned a place on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Asia-Pacific in 2018 and was a finalist for the title of Young New Zealander of the Year in 2017.


Growing up in a state house in Timaru with his mum working at the local Pak n’ Save and his Dad a Locksmith, Logan didn’t know what entrepreneurship was or even what a degree is, but he was taught how to get stuff done. While he went on to get a degree, honors and a doctorate, he retained this key ability. While he is running multiple businesses, he is also doing the work and at the core of his inventions.

Logan has a perception of how the world should be and reality is not aligning with that. So, he comes up with solutions. Motivated by problems that he deeply cares about, Logan dedicates his life to changing the world. When he was 18, he took his friend to hospital, after they had an epileptic fit. One year later, he invented revolutionary polarized contact lenses designed to mitigate photosensitive epilepsy.

Among other inventions, Logan came up with an ingenious method for transforming didymo, a troublesome algae pest plaguing New Zealand's waterways, into valuable resources such as paper, bioplastic, and fabric. He also developed "Keravos," a ground-breaking material that blends coarse wool with corn starch to yield a robust, biodegradable alternative to traditional plastics. Logan has applied this material to create innovative products, including a catamaran, a kayak, and a cooler bin. With Halo Agtech, instead of planting a pine tree and hoping for the best, he is actually destroying emissions. Logan wants to solve the world’s problems, one invention at a time (or maybe two… or maybe three…).


What differentiates Logan from a mad scientist in a garage to a multi-million-dollar inventor is his ability to convince, convey and communicate. Not only does he solve problems for a living, but he has turned it into a business. Whether he is sharing his story, ‘The Art of Invention’ in a keynote speech, teaching an audience how to invent, or going into businesses and turning their carbon footprint around, Logan wants to play his talents forward to inspire the next generation of inventors.

If at 28, he has six inventions under his belt, he will realistically be able to get to one hundred in his lifetime. Indirectly, he is hoping for 10,000, through his Inventor’s Handbook that will be released next year, his speaking, and his passion project – creating New Zealand’s biggest first year university course on entrepreneurship at Lincoln university. Logan wants to be a mentor to as many people as he can to maximize problem solving and inventing a safer future.






Christchurch, New Zealand

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2023Cosmetics New Zealand - Speaker
2021Boma - Speaker
2020SIDE - Speaker


Stephen Williamson | General Manager

Drawing from his own track record of successful product innovations, Logan guided the audience through his unique methodology that effectively bridges the concept-to-reality gap when innovating by breaking projects into manageable phases, rapid iterations and end-user feedback, along with the occasional 24-hour sprint! During his presentation, Logan unveiled a ground-breaking innovation, "Shear Edge," representing a pioneering application of wool fibre as a composite material in injection-moulded products. Logan showcased real-world examples of this ingenious breakthrough that featured a life-sized catamaran, kayaks and Santoku knives. Logan left the audience feeling inspired and energized in a way that helped anchor our entire conference.

Hero's Journey Conference 2021

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