Laurie Winkless MC/Entertainer Profile


Esteemed physicist, science writer and public speaker Laurie Winkless is out-of-this-world skilled. With a knack for science and communication and a serious love for talking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the Forbes Magazine contributor has a resume as versatile as it is impressive. She’s worked with NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, studied thermoelectric energy harvesting with the National Physical Laboratory, researched nanomaterials for the European Space Agency and written for the BBC’s The Naked Scientists. She’s also authored two books honouring that same science made simple approach, Sticky: The Secret Science of the Surfaces and Science & The City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis. Fascinated by how the science lab shapes the world we live in and interact with, Laurie speaks warmly to that intersection through storytelling: breaking down complex, technical ideas into simple, accessible English, without losing detail. A spirited and compelling speaker for any group – not just those in STEM – Laurie Winkless has audience engagement and comprehension down to a fine science.






Wellington, New Zealand