Jordan Mooney MC/Entertainer Profile


Spirited MC with a Flair for Comedy

Meet Jordan Mooney: a dynamic and vibrant MC who exudes boundless energy and unmistakable individuality, making every event he hosts unforgettable. With a rich foundation in the world of performance, Jordan has captured the hearts of New Zealand audiences through his compelling portrayal of characters including the iconic Eric Grady from the beloved Kiwi TV show Westside, and his striking embodiment of Jordan Luck from The Exponents.

Originally hailing from the Waikato region, Jordan’s outlook empowers him to stretch boundaries and embrace the unknown. Armed with infectious enthusiasm and relatable Kiwi charm, his presence creates an immersive atmosphere, where professionalism merges with vibrant entertainment. Whether he’s skillfully steering the ship through complex proceedings, or igniting a spirited crowd, he maintains a grounded and focused demeanor that remains dedicated to the essence of the occasion, he adeptly balances energy and composure to ensure seamless transitions and connection with the audience. As an MC, Jordan thrives not only in the spotlight but also in sharing it with others, crafting an experience to be remembered by all.




Auckland, New Zealand


Audience Engagement, Comedy Host, Crowd Wrangling, MC, Presenting, Speech Writer


Adventure, Advertising, Agriculture, Fashion, Film & Television, Food & Wine, Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Music, Satire, Social Services