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Peak Performance Psychologist & Resilience Expert

Former SAS psychologist Doctor Alia Bojilova, is a prolific expert in leadership, resilience and curiosity, described as insightful, inspiring, energetic and restlessly committed to guiding people into how much better they can be. She has served as an enabler to thousands of leaders, teams and organisations in some of the most testing environments in New Zealand and around the world. A peak performance psychologist to Government, Olympians, the commercial sector, health, education, creative industries, and the not-for profit, Alia shares this wealth of experience both in her novel, The Resilience Toolkit, a proven four-step process to unlock your true potential, and as a globally sought keynote speaker. She is a recipient of the United Nations Commendation and the Inaugural Meritorious Service Medal for successfully negotiating critical incidents in the Middle East. Alia currently works as a partner in two Venture firms in New Zealand and North America.


Forsaking the safety and familiarity of her consultancy job, Alia joined the New Zealand army in pursuit of serving something bigger than herself. During her time deployed to Syria as part of an international peacekeeping force, she was taken hostage at gunpoint. After the initial shock, Alia was able to build a connection with her captors and understand where they were coming from. They were human after all. She was eventually released and emphasises that we can rewrite the script. The real measure of resilience is whether you choose to discover what you’re capable of. Rather than bouncing back, Alia asserts that for her, resilience is about bouncing forward in a way that means we’re stronger and better than we were before our setback found us.

Alia stresses that we hold ourselves back from leaning forward, asserting that micro moments create enormous possibilities ahead of us. Small changes can make tectonic shifts, allowing ourselves to see how much better we can be. Alia has seen teams that have been stuck under the weight of bureaucratic dust suddenly re-ignited and re connected with a sense of purpose and with each other.

What happens when we invite people to reimagine what’s possible for them?


Geeking her way into keynote speaking with positive, emotional, contagion, Alia focuses on finding unlocks in people’s minds; shifts in their thinking, feeling, and acting that can help them create a tiny opening in their own independent lives, that in turn, can lead to better understanding their own potential, better connection with others around them, better understanding challenges that they thought unsurmountable, and see themselves thrive.

Alia adapts her keynote speaking to her environment with her core undercurrent of resilience and curiosity lead by innovation, connection, teams, thriving and leadership. No matter who walks into the space, she wants them to walk away lighter, brighter, better prepared and more curious.






Auckland, New Zealand


Adventuring, Curiosity, Leadership, Peak Performance, Resilience


Farming, Mountaineering, Parenting, Rock-climbing, Windsurfing

Speaking Topics

Curiosity, Leadership, Mission and Purpose focus, Peak Performance, Resilience

Event Highlights

2023MOVAC - Keynote Speaker
2023Quantum Work EU/US - Keynote Speaker
KPMG/PWC - Keynote Speaker