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Sarah Bowman chooses joyful motherhood and joyful content. With some help from hubby and familiar Kiwi face Sam Wallace, ambitious Sarah turned her troop of three into a party of five in 2021, giving birth to twins— as well as a whole new host of challenges, opportunities and reasons to celebrate! Sarah’s Instagram feed meets the often routine, repetitive nature of life with little ones with an optimistic grin that reminds her followers it’s okay to be honest, relatable, excitable, tired. Her engagement is genuine too, in more ways than one. Akin to a living photo album, over 7.5k followers bear witness to the first smiles, words and steps. And with her reach (and family) growing daily, Sarah’s feed is ideal for lifestyle, family, wellness and beauty campaigns.




Auckland, New Zealand


Beauty, Couples , Families, Fitness, Foodies, Lifestyle