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Rising star Mitch James keeps it real, with a style described as upbeat yet forthright, this Kiwi chart-topping singer-songwriter is dedicated to authenticity. Known for hits like “Bright Blue Skies”, "Sunday Morning" and "21”, James’ songs have become fixtures of pop radio since his 2018 breakout Platinum-selling self-titled album, Mitch James. And, well, so has he! Adding a second album, an international tour, a 13-stop national tour (and a well-deserved hiatus) to his resume, the musicians' rise to stardom continues- with a devoted and growing fan-base in tow. Revealing life beyond the lyrics, Mitch’s socials are a rich combination of work and play. Blending fast-paced tour life and high-stakes performances with low-key candid moments (think: beach, travel, reflective moments) and seamlessly diverse brand collabs, James socials set forth those same “stripped-back” roots we hear in his music, instilling an effortless authenticity, integrity and boyish charm to any campaign.






Auckland, New Zealand