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She’s fabulous, hilarious and totally outrageous! The internet cannot get enough of Kris Fox. For years Kris has kept her fans highly entertained with her binge-worthy rants, brilliant impressions, glamorous selfies and cutting tweets. She has a passion for all things fashion and beauty, always managing to amaze her fans with her gorgeous makeup looks and killer outfits. Behind all the glamour, Kris is also a powerful advocate for the LGBTQA+ community, sharing her own identity journey to her followers. She has used her platform to instill confidence into her fans, and always encourages people to be unapologetically themselves! Her sense of humour and self-awareness are second to none, making her a truly unique talent to work with.


Fijian, Fijian Indian


Auckland, New Zealand


Beauty, Comedy, Entertaining, Fashion, LGBTQ+