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Jess Owen is serving sweet and savoury realness. Like, literally. A dynamic and driven girl’s girl, this creator-entrepreneur is one hell of a baker… and she wears plenty of other hats too! The face, founder and femme-force behind @JustJessBoujeeBakery and decorated content creator in her own right, Jess doesn’t do anything half-baked. Sitting pretty between relatable and aspirational (think: modern Barbie with a feminist edge), Owen’s grid features day to day musings, glam selfies, self care, workout routines and beloved fur babies, alongside seamless paid partnerships, collabs and more. Consistently elegant, engaging and fun, her content is unmatched for campaigns lifestyle, fitness and beauty, home, baking, pet-care, you name it. The people’s choice of 2022’s Girls In Business Awards and celebrated by MissFQ, Fashion Quarterly, The Urban List, Woman’s Day and @eatlitfood, Jess Owen certainly has content worth craving.




Auckland, New Zealand