Dre Skrila Content Creator Profile


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Don’t forget about Dre Skrilla. Content creator, fitness enthusiast and all around funny-man, Dre rose to online fame when his Facebook and YouTube comedy skits went viral, and he hasn’t looked back. Using his real life experiences to create crack up content with an authentic edge, it’s unsurprising that Skrilla found himself successful sharing personal story times and life updates on a weekly vlog channel too. Already boasting his own clothing brand, the rising star has been featured on Māori Television Comedy Central UK, alongside UFC fighters Kai Kara-France and Dan Hooker, as well as on Nate Nauer’s Run It Straight podcast. With big plans and an even bigger presence, Dre Skrilla isn’t just one to watch– he’s one to work with.


Pacific Islander


Auckland, New Zealand