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Baddy is your beloved Kiwi content creator, personality and fashionista. Boasting a candid, flippant, and vaguely chaotic, online presence that translates easily across platforms, Baddy has garnered a loyal and ever-growing followership on Instagram and Tiktok alike. How? By creating original content that is truly original. As astute and quick-witted as he is camp, Baddy’s socials blur the lines between public and private personas: sharing personal musings and addressing followers as ‘besties’ in videos akin to a candid Facetime korero. No topic is off limits. A kaleidoscope into his world IRL, follow Baddy to find him ranting about life, taking selfies with friends or sharing the lore of Hamilton with Paddy Gower (yes, really). A truly unique creator giving opportunity (and humour) to a seriously wide range of campaigns, Baddy’s got the goods.




New Zealander


Auckland, New Zealand