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Annalee Kemsley represents all things stylish and beautiful. With eight years experience as a makeup artist and content creator, Annalee has leveraged her technical skills and outgoing personality to build a flourishing career online. Now a full-time influencer and makeup artist, Annalee has found strong followings on all major social media platforms and has established herself as a powerhouse in the beauty and influencer space working with international brands such as YSL, Disney, Jo Malone, Bobbi Brown, Warner Brothers, Maybelline, LUSH, Sephora. By going above and beyond, Annalee's incredibly refined and polished content stands out and consistently wows her audience and brand partners. Nestled amongst her stunning content, Annalee's fun and relatable personality shines through with her tutorials, beauty tips and home styling content, keeping everyone inspired. Her ascent to the heights of NZ’s beauty scene has not gone unnoticed, with multiple features in local and national news outlets, being nominated for Beauty Influencer of the Year by Miss FQ, and winning the Beauty Category at the Taranaki Wedding Industry Awards (twice!). Her success has offered her life-changing experiences such as meeting with cosmetics royalty the Lauder family in New York, sitting down with global CEO of Estee Lauder, Fabrizio Freda, and becoming the face of both Collection Cosmetics and Simply Essential Brushes. With five million views and counting, Annalee is a rising star who’s showing no sign of stopping!


New Plymouth, New Zealand


Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle