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Over 6 years, audiences watched Amelia Reid-Meredith play Shortland Street sweetheart “Bella Cooper” as she sought opportunities to learn, grow and step into her purpose. Now, they venture to see how real life sweetheart Amelia has done the same in real life! From working in Ti West's Pearl, David White’s This Town, Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, to raising boys (Arlo and Rudi) and a theatre company with husband Shadon Meredith, the enigmatic Amelia has been busy since finishing Shorty. Seamlessly reintroducing herself as a theatre-maker, influencer and mum, Amelia describes her Insta feed as her “life in pictures” — and what a life she leads! Just check out her socials. Authentic yet polished, Amelia’s grid invites followers to join her creative ventures, motherhood bliss, paid partnerships, dog appreciation and more. Addressing fans and followers like old friends, she imparts life hacks, brand recs and the not-so-hot truths of parenting, with a smile. Leading with joyful honesty, Amelia’s platform lends itself to a host of campaigns from parenthood and mum-life to beauty and wellness, kai and fitness, travel and more.






Auckland, New Zealand