Mel Odedra Actor Profile



British, Indian


Auckland, New Zealand


183 cm

Age Range


Also Represented in

United States of America

Career Highlights

Mel is a Indian-New Zealand actor who works in film, television and theatre. He has appeared in popular series such as long-running soap Shortland Street, drama series Bad Seed, and US fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles. His film credits include feature Nomad, and short film The Engagement Party

Feature Film.

2022Bad BehaviourAbhay (Supporting)Dir. Alice Englert
2019Nomad NikoTXL Films
Dir. Taron Lexton

Short Film.

2015The Engagement PartyDir. Katherine McRae


2019Power Rangers Beast MorphersMr Bruce Silva (Guest)
2018Bad SeedShopkeeperDir. Robin Scholes & Chris Bailey
2018Shortland StreetRajiv Prasad (Guest)Dir. Various
2017Shannara 2Crimson CaptainMTV NZ
2016Shortland StreetRajiv Prasad (Guest)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Various


2022North By North West Budnikov, Auction Bidder Dir. Simon Phillips
2019A Fine BalanceOmAuckland Theatre Company
Dir. Ahi Karunaharan
2019HeadsandCore CastFractious Tash
Dir. Ben Henson
2018America RexLieutenantJK Productions
Dir. Dione Joseph
2018TeaRaviThe Oryza Foundation
Dir. Ahi Karunaharan
2018The Changeling DeFlores (Male Lead)Dir. Michael Hurst
2017Light Vs DarkRavanaATC
Dir. Ahi Karunaharan
2016The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeMr ThompsonAuckland Theatre Company
Dir. Sara Brodie
2016The Next Stage - TeaTeaEnsembleAuckland Theatre Company
Dir. Sara Brodie
2015Love and InformationDir. Cameron Rhodes
2007Play Without A TitleFrederico Garcia Lorca (Lead)Dir. Murray Edmond
2007The End Of The WorldKonstantine Ildefone Galczynski (Lead)Dir. Murray Edmond
2007The Jet Of BloodAntonin Artaud (Lead)Dir. Murray Edmond
2007We All Fall DownDir. Naomi Bartley
1991National Youth Music Theatre - LondonDavid Nield

Web Series.

2019MemeDan the CounsellorFlat 3 Productions
Dir. Helen Wu, Ally Xue
2018AFK Season 2: This World and the NextJay
2018TouchWoodFrank WaltonOut West Pictures
Dir. Renee Mahey
2016Friday Night Bites Xmas-specialAlf


Travis Technique Masterclass - 2019
Howard Fine's Masterclass - 2018
Self-tape Master class with Tandi Wright - 2017
Acting Technique & Voice Workshop - 2015, Cameron Rhodes
Acting Technique - Self Taping - 2015, Grae Burton
Acting, Directing, Approaching A Play Workshop - 2015, Benjamine Henson
Casting Technique Workshop - 2015, Matt Dwyer (Barefoot Casting)
Casting Workshop - 2015, Annabel Lomas
Dance (Contemporary, Classical and Scripted Movement) - 2015, Jeremy Birchall
John Callen Screen Acting Technique Workshop - 2015, Katherine McRae
Radio Drama Technique Workshop - 2015, Jason Te Kare (Radio NZ)
Screen Acting Technique, Fast turn-around TV, Voice - Radio - 2015, John Callen
Singing - Voice Workshop - 2015, Cherie Moore
Singing, Acting Technique Workshop - 2015, Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Stage Combat Workshop - 2015, Alexander Holloway
The Actors Program - 1 Year Acting Course - 2015
Post Graduate Diploma in Arts and Drama - 2007, Auckland University
National Youth Music Theatre - London - 1994