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Auckland, New Zealand


173 cm

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United States of America

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After The Party

Dean O’Gorman is one of New Zealand's busiest and most recognized actors, recently wrapping up work on Director Lee Tamahori's feature "The Convert" with Guy Pearce, TV series After the Party" with Robyn Malcolm and Peter Mullan, and "Under the Vines" with Rebecca Gibney. His career took off early with his standout performance in "Bonjour Timothy" at the age of 17, earning him Best Actor nominations both locally and internationally. He has also shared the screen with Hollywood heavyweights, including Bryan Cranston and Helen Mirren in the 2015 film "Trumbo" and played a pivotal role in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit Trilogy." In 2017, he led the cast in the remake of the legendary New Zealand film "Goodbye Pork Pie," titled "Pork Pie," receiving international acclaim.


2017Winner - NZ TV Awards: Best Actor - Hillary
2016Screen Actors Guild Awards: Outstanding Performance by a cast in a Motion Picture Nominee Trumbo
2011Aotearoa Film & Television Awards-Finalist Best Performance by a Supporting Actor-Nights in the Garden of Spain
2005New Zealand Screen Awards-Nomination-Best Performance by a Supporting Actor-Serial Killers
2005TV Week Logie Awards Australia-Nomination-Most Popular New Talent-McLeod's Daughters
1995Giffoni Italian Film Festival Awards-Nomination-Best Actor-Bonjour Timothy
1995New Zealand Film & Television Awards-Nomination-Best Actor-Bonjour Timothy

Feature Film.

2022The ConvertKedgley (Lead)Dir. Lee Tamahori
2017Pork PieJon (Lead)Blondini Enterprises Ltd
Dir. Matt Murphy
2015TrumboKirk Douglas (Major Guest Star)Groundswell Productions
Dir. Jay Roach
2014The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesFili (Core)Dir. Peter Jackson
2013The Hobbit II: The Desolation of SmaugFili (Core)Dir. Peter Jackson
2012The Hobbit I: An Unexpected JourneyFili (Core)3 Foot 7 Ltd/NZFC
Dir. Peter Jackson
2010KawaChrisDir. Katie Wolfe
2009SabbotageBobbyDir. Reza Sixo Safai
2008The Legend of Mary WorthReverend Whittaker (Lead)Idle Hand Productions/NZFC
Dir. Dominick Domingo
2002Toy LoveBen (Lead)John Swimmer Productions/NZFC
Dir. Harry Sinclair
2001SnakeskinJohnny (Lead)CowGirl Productions/NZFC
Dir. Gillian Ashurst
1998When Love ComesMark (Lead)MF Films/NZFC
Dir. Garth Maxwell
1995Bonjour TimothyTimothy Taylor (Lead)Tucker Films/Cinar Productions/NZFC
Dir. Wayne Tourell

Short Film.

2000Little SamuraiTony (Lead)Method Films/NZFC
Dir. Jesse Warn
1996SirenSiren (Lead)Ample Productions/NZFC
Dir. Charles Bracewell


2023After The PartySimon (Lead)TVNZ
Dir. Peter Salmon
2023Under The Vines Season 2Griffin Galway (Supporting)Libertine Pictures
Dir. Danny Mulheron, Erin White
2021Under The Vines Season 1Griffin Galway (Supporting)Libertine Pictures
Dir. Danny Mulheron / Erin White
2021Vegas Season 1Ryder Harrison (Guest)Greenstone TV
Dir. Michael Bennett and Kiel McNaughton
2020Golden Boy Season 2Dave "Aussie Dave' Peters (Lead)Mediaworks NZ
Dir. Various
2020One Lane BridgeAndrew 'Grub' Tyder
2019Golden Boy Season 1Aussie Dave (Core)Mediaworks
Dir. Rose Matafeo and Chelsie Preston Crayford
2019The Bad SeedFord Lampton (Lead)Dir. Helena Brooks
2018Golden Boy - PilotDave (Core)Dir. Jackie van Beek
2018The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 5Barnaby (Core)Dir. Various
2017Wanted Season 2Will MBZ Wanted
Dir. Various
2017Westside Season 3Evan Lace (Major Recurring Guest)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Various
2016HillaryGeorge Lowe (Lead)Great Southern Television Ltd
Dir. Danny Mulheron
2013The Almighty Johnsons Season 3Anders Johnson (Core)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Various
2012The Almighty Johnsons Season 2Anders Johnson (Core)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Various
2012Westside Season 2Evan Lace (Major Recurring Guest)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Various
2011The Almighty Johnsons Season 1Anders Johnson (Core)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Various
2010Tangiwai Bert Sutcliffe (Lead)Lippy Pictures Limited
Dir. Charlie Haskell
2009Legend Of The SeekerCarver Dunn (Episode Lead)Walt Disney Pictures
Dir. Various
2009Nights In The Gardens Of SpainChris (Lead)Cine Cinco/TVNZ
Dir. Katie Wolfe
2009The Cult Series 1Liam (Guest)Great Southern Television/TVNZ
Dir. Peter Burger
2008Go Girls Series 1DinoSouth Pacific Pictures
Dir. John Laing
2004McLeod's Daughters Seasons 4 & 5Luke Morgan (Major Support)Millenium Pictures
Dir. Chris Martin-Jones
2004Serial KillersDr Gilligan/Andrew (Major Support)Landtry Productions
Dir. Mike Smith
2003Farscape Series 4Zukash (Major Support)Jim Henderson Productions
2003MDA Series 2Peter Jarman (Major Support)ABC
2001All Saints - Series 4Evan
2001Lawless: Beyond JusticeNat (Episodic Lead)Telefeature
Dir. Geoffrey Cawthorn
2000Xena: Warrior Princess - Series 6WiglafRenaissance Pictures
1999Big Sky - Series 2Dean
1999DugganFergus MacLllwaineGibson Group
Dir. Yvonne McKay
1999FearlessCliff (Lead)Telefeature
Dir. Charlie Haskell
1999Money for JamTim Fleek (Major Support)Telefeature
Dir. Christine Parker
1998The ChosenAndrew Scott (Lead/Core)Communicado Productions
1998Young HerculesIolaus (Lead/Core)Pacific Renaissance Pictures/USA
1998Young HerculesLolaus (Lead)Telefeature
Dir. T J Scott
1997Big SkyDeanSouthern Star
Dir. Viktor Ritelis
1997Doom RunnersDeek (Lead)Telefeature
Dir. Brendan Maher
1997Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Series 4RuunPacific Renaissance
1997Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Series 4Young Iolaus (Major Support)Renaissance Pictures
1997The Legend of William Tell - Series 1DarekDir. Various
1996Return to Treasure IslandJim Hawkins (Lead)Telefeature
Dir. Steve La Hood
1996Shortland StreetHarry Martin (Lead/Core)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Various
1996Xena: Warrior Princess - Series 1Homer aka OrionRenaissance Pictures
Dir. Various
1995Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Series 1Young Iolaus / Iloran / RuunRenaissance Pictures
Dir. Various
1990Raider of the South SeasBobby Morrison (Lead)South Pacific Pictures
Dir. Chris Bailey
1990The Rogue Stallion aka WildfireTony Garrett (Lead)Telefeature
Dir. Henri Safran


2017Passchendaele HimselfGibson Group


2011Did I Believe It?Chad Le WindowSilo Theatre
Dir. Oliver Driver
2009Blood WeddingLeonardo (Lead)Circa Theatre
Dir. Willem Wassennar
2009Ruben GutherieDamienSilo Theatre
Dir. Shane Bosher
2008The RabbitTomSilo Theatre, Auckland
Dir. Oliver Driver
2006The Ocean StarTedAuckland Theatre Company
Dir. Roy Ward
2003TapeJohnEleventh Hour Productions


2014Bradfords Insulation - 12 Months - AustraliaGypsy
2014SteinlagerDDB Silk
2013Kiwibank - Brand Voice, TV & RadioAssignment
2008Dodge Journey
2008Rabo Plus - Radio

Web Series.

2015Auckward LoveDanDir. Emmett Skilton