Dahnu Graham Actor Profile



Croation, French, Māori


Ngāpuhi, Te Aupōuri


Auckland, New Zealand


180 cm

Age Range


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Career Highlights

Dahnu Graham, a New Zealand-Croatian and French-Maori award-winning actor, boasts an extensive and diverse acting portfolio. His notable film credits encompass "Home Kills," while he has taken on lead roles in productions such as "Kura" (Seasons 1 & 2), "The Gulf," "Toke," "Vegas," and the US series "Power Rangers Beast Morphers." Additionally, he has made significant contributions to television series, including "Resolve" and "Fifty Dollars A Week," as well as showcasing his talent in lead roles in short films like "Shout At The Ground," "Dovetailing," and "Blue Smoke."


2023Friends Like Her
2021NZTV Awards 2021 Best Supporting Actor Finalist - Dahnu Graham - 'Vegas'

Feature Film.

2022Home KillsRhys (Supporting)

Short Film.

2020Blue SmokeJoe (Lead)Dir. Ivan Barge
2016DovetailingNathanDir. Thomas Burton
2016Shout at the GroundChrisDir. Joe Lonie
2015The EventSeffTuesday Best
Dir. Eddy Fifield
2012InterimOffenderDir. Dan Kircher


2023My Favourite Dead PersonTe Hemara Rerehau (Lead)The Downlow Concept
Dir. Jamaine Ross
2023Sweet Tooth S3Milton (Guest)Netflix/WBTV
Dir. Jim Mickle
2021Kura Season 2Billy John (Lead)PLUS6FOUR Entertainment
Dir. Vince McMillan
2020Power Rangers Beast MorphersSmashPower Rangers Productions Ltd
Dir. Various
2020TokeRico (Supporting)Screentime NZ
Dir. Charlie Haskell
2020VegasJunior Nepia (Supporting )Greenstone TV
Dir. Michael Bennett and Kiel McNaughton
2019KuraBilly-John (Lead)Dir. James Watson and Vince McMillan
2019The GulfA.J. Jackson (Supporting)Letterbox Filmproduktion, Lippy Pictures, Screentime NZ Ltd
Dir. Charlie Haskell, Rob Sarkies, Gaysorn Thavat
2018Fifty Dollars a WeekManuDir. Eddy Fifield
2017ResolveThe KidScreentime
Dir. Peter Burger
2015K Rd StoriesSeffTuesday Best
Dir. Eddy Fifield
2010This is Not My LifeKyleGRST Ltd
Dir. Rob Sarkies, Peter Salmon

Web Series.

2022Kura Season 3Billy John (Lead)Dir. Various