Callum Hibbert Actor Profile





Auckland, New Zealand


192 cm

Age Range


Career Highlights

Callum Hibbert is a young, promising actor who recently graduated from the prestigious Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School. During his time there, this emerging actor and artist starred in numerous roles both on screen and on stage, notable roles include short films PAYBACK and Away With the Fairies. Callum has also showcased his talent for theatre in productions such as Birthday Girl.

Short Film.

2023Away With The FariesChrisDir. Leo Haychapman
2023ONESELFRichardDir. Callum Hibbert
2023PAYBACKWillDir. Mia Blake
2022Eagle vs SharkLillyDir. Vaughan Slinn
2022Loving AshFreddieDir. Jean-Marc Varnier


2023Birthday GirlJudge GordonDir. Carrie Green
2022MimicanotherMoverDir. Ross McCormack
2022OrokohangaDarknessDir. Tupe Lualua
2021AntigoneCreonDir. Heather Timms & Erana Daniels
2021Chair? Fuck.Peter PollywaxDir. Callum Hibbert & Erana Daniels


Accent workshop with Jacque Drew - 2023
Audition workshop with Miranda Rivers - 2023
Master Class with Dave Fane - 2023
Master Class With Esaú Mora - 2023
Monster workshop with Shane Rangi - 2023
Screen Workshop with Miranda Harcourt - 2023
Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School - Bachelor of Performing Arts - 2023
American accent workshop with Mary McDonald-Lewis - 2022
Victoria Phillips Dance Academy - 2018