Laurie Winkless


Keynote Speaker, After Dinner Speaker, Debater, Science Translator

Laurie Winkless is a physicist, science writer, and presenter. After a research career at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, she left the lab to pursue her interest in science communication. Since then, Laurie has worked with Nobel Laureates, astronauts and entrepreneurs, and had her first book, Science and the City, published worldwide by Bloomsbury. Her second book, Sticky, is in the works.

Laurie has appeared on TV and radio in Europe and Australasia, and has talked about science and engineering to tens of thousands of people. She has a regular column in Forbes, and has had her writing featured in Wired, Esquire, the Guardian, How It Works, and BBC World Service.

Laurie is an advocate for gender equality and diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), a volunteer for Let Toys Be Toys, and an obsessive tweeter. When not talking about science, Laurie is a keen crafter, sewist and dancer. She loves to travel, and because she is Irish, she also really likes to chat.


Wellington, New Zealand


After Dinner Speaker, Connector/Connecting Communication, Debator, Keynote Speaker, Panellist


Consultancy Work, Education, Reading, Travel

Testimonials (3)

James Hulme, Director of Advocacy at the Committe

Laurie gave an insightful and entertaining talk to our members on her Science and the City book and contributed to a really engaging discussion. Taking often complex subjects, she gave an accessible and interesting presentation without dumbing down any of the subject matter. Laurie was also great to work with and obviously put lots of thought into her presentation and requirements for our audience.