Megan Hutchison


Social Networks

Megan Hutchison, aka 'She Said Yes' is New Zealand's wedding industry insider, attracting over 100,000 brides-to-be to her blog each year; with a combined following of over 50,000 on Facebook and Instagram. Her 'Bride Tribe' are mostly NZ women aged 25-35, planning their weddings and seeking style, beauty and travel advice. Megan brings a positive, enthusiastic authenticity to everything she does, inspiring her followers while remaining honest, candid and sincere about her marriage, business and life in general. Megan has developed her brand to include a line of wedding planning books and hosting bridal events, and was recently among the 5 finalists for Miss FQ's Business influencer of the Year, as well as featured in NZ Herald's Business section for her success to date. Megan has worked extensively with brands in beauty, lifestyle and travel brands and would love to bring her unique personality and charisma to your next campaign.


Auckland, New Zealand