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Actor, Writer, MC, Host

Millen Baird is a charismatic New Zealand TV personality with diverse accolades to boot. An accomplished actor, comedian, writer, director and producer (with countless awards and nominations) Millen has a knack for going where he needs to be — and thriving! With extensive on-screen experience from relics like Shortland Street and The Almighty Johnsons, to Kiwi movies like Find Me a Māori Bride and Housebound, to self-titled programme The Millen Baird Show, his range is as impressive as his scope. And given he’s a quick-witted writer at heart, Millen’s personality and knack for adlib comedy is as engaging on screen as it is for live audiences. Moving with the times, Millen’s begun addressing a whole new audience as the host of online gaming show Tetris Primetime — a move that will see future presenting roles fall into place, too.






Los Angeles , United States of America

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